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Innovation through Networking and Dissemination of Knowledge​

What is ICNSEA

International Conferences on Nature Science and Engineering Applications (ICNSEA) is a conference series organized by the World Association of Nature Science, Education and Engineering (WANSEE). The association’s official website is WASNEE. It is a global professional association with headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada. WANSEE is a subsidiary organization of NSRIC Inc.  to develop a strong network among professionals, educators, researchers, and students to disseminate knowledge. WANSEE organizes eight conferences around the year in different fields of study under the umbrella of ICNSEA.  

 The conference series is primarily sponsored by NSRIC Inc, an academic and multifunctional institution, headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada. NSRIC’s main objective is to acquire and disseminate knowledge. Organizing international conferences on globally important topics is an initiative, aimed at implementing the objectives of NSRIC.

The WANSEE aims to organize eight international conferences every year in different strategically important places worldwide under different names to explore all disciplines. The conferences are: (i)NSRIC Annual Conference on Nature Science, Education and Engineering (ACNSEE); (ii)NSRIC International Conference on Sustainable Economy, Commerce and Management (ICSECM); (iii)NSRIC International Conference on Biosciences Public Health and Medical Sciences (ICBPHMS); (iv)NSRIC International Conference on Computer Science, Communication Systems and Information Technology (ICCSCSIT); (v)NSRIC International Conference on Mathematics, Nature Science for Sustainable Applications (ICMNSSA); (vi)NSRIC International Conference on Sustainable Education, Liberal Arts and Social Science (ICSELASS); (vii)NSRIC International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Renewable Energy (ICSERE) and (viii). NSRIC International Conference on Sustainable Engineering, Innovation and Fourth Industrial Revolution (ICSEI4IR). These conferences are organized online, in-person or both (i.e., virtual and in-person) based on government policies and availability of the venue.

These conferences serve as a gathering place for educators, researchers, students, and professionals from many fields. The conference series will be hosted annually in several strategic sites throughout the world, either digitally or physically

Conference Series Introduction - A Word about Nature Science

Every ancient prophet and great savant saw knowledge as the recognition of the truth that originates from “The Truth” – a term used to describe the creator by great thinkers as diverse as Plato, the Yellow Emperor, Buddha, all the way up to Islamic scholars of the medieval age. This theory on the origin of truth was perverted by the dogmatic formula of the Roman Catholic Church  that continued during the post-Newton new science era. The very definition of truth devolved from subjective incontrovertible truth to modern quantum era’s truth grounded in subjective perception. Meanwhile, the ‘enlightened’ scholars called themselves secular but followed dogma. Every pivotal definition was changed from its original meaning to mere dogmatic assertions, devoid of logic. Education, which once entailed the ‘bringing forth’ of the learning process, was changed to a series of “training sessions” designed to serve the establishment. Physics changed from ‘science of nature’ to dogmatic ‘science’ of artificial processes. Similarly, chemistry, once understood as Alchemy, was turned into the knowledge of denaturing. Even economics changed from economizing to maximizing profiteering of the controlling elite. If we aspire to make real progress, we must reset the knowledge gathering process to the original paradigm. This is the essence of the nature science approach and is in the core paradigm used in this conference. This is the beginning of truly scientific path of knowledge gathering and dissemination.

Refereed Publications

NSRIC Conference and Publications Unit (CPU) is committed to publish high-quality conference articles in the relevant E-book series and NSRIC journals from each conference listed above. Each conference will publish all of the presented speeches and articles in an E-book series with an ISBN number through NSRIC CPU.

The following book series are available: (i). Nature Science, Education and Engineering; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-0-3 (Proceedings of the ACNSEE); (ii). Sustainable Economy, Commerce and Management; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-1-0 (Proceedings of the ICSECM); (iii). Biosciences, Public Health and Medical Sciences; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-3-4 (Proceedings of the ICBPHMS);  (iv). Computer Science, Communication Systems and Information Technology; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-2-7 (Proceedings of the ICCSCSIT); (v). Mathematics, Nature Science for Sustainable Applications; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-4-1 (Proceedings of the ICMNSSA); (vi). Sustainable Education, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences;ISBN: 978-1-7778946-5-8 (Proceedings of the ICSELASS); (vii). Sustainable Environment and Renewable Energy; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-7-2 (Proceedings of the ICSERE) and (viii). Sustainable Engineering, Innovation and Fourth Industrial Revolution; ISBN: 978-1-7778946-6-5 (Proceedings of the ICSEI4IR). 

Following a thorough peer-review procedure, the selected articles will be published in the NSRIC journal(s). NSRIC journals include: (i). NSRIC Journal of Nature Science (NJNS); (ii). NSRIC Journal of Commerce and Management (NJCM); (iii). NSRIC Journal of Sustainable Economic Development (NJSED); (iv). NSRIC Journal of Medical Sciences and Healthcare (NJMSH); (v). NSRIC Journal of Information and Communication Technology (NJICT); (vi). NSRIC Journal of Science and Applications (NJSA); (vii). NSRIC Journal of General Education (NJGE);  (viii). NSRIC Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism (NJMCJ); (ix). NSRIC Journal of Political Science and World Politics (NJPSWP); (x). NSRIC Journal of Humanities (NJH); (xi). NSRIC Journal of Theology and Morality (NJTM) and (xii). NSRIC Journal of Sustainable Development and Engineering (NJSDE).

In addition, all articles will be archived at NSRIC Inc. cloud storage.

Upcoming Conferences!!


December 01 – 02, 2022

January 06 – 07, 2023

Title of the Conference

2nd NSRIC International Conference on Computer Science, Communication and Information Technology (ICCSCIT 2022)

3rd NSRIC International Conference on Biosciences Public Health and Medical Sciences (ICBPHMS 2023)

Previous Conferences!!



February 10 – 11, 2022

Title of the Conference

1st NSRIC Annual Conference on Nature Science, Education and Engineering (ACNSEE 2022)