An Introduction to ICNSEA's International Conference Consortium

The World Association of Nature Science, Education, and Engineering (WANSEE) hosts the NSRIC International Conferences on Nature Science and Engineering Applications (ICNSEA) series. The website for the association is It is a nonprofit global professional association headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. WANSEE is a subsidiary organization of NSRIC Inc. It aims to develop a strong network among scientists, educators, researchers, professionals, and students to disseminate and archive knowledge.

Refereed Publications

NSRIC Conference and Publications Division (CPD) is committed to publish high-quality conference articles in the relevant E-book series and NSRIC journals from each conference listed in the conference tab “About Us”. WANSEE hosts eight to twelve conferences annually in various fields of study under the banner of ICNSEA. The presented articles will be published in the corresponding conference proceedings, and selected peer-reviewed articles will be published in NSRIC journals. Indexing these articles in ISI and recognition by Web of Science is expected.

Nature Science, Education and Engineering

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-0-3
(Proceedings of the ACNSEE);

Sustainable Economy, Commerce and Management

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-1-0
(Proceedings of the ICSECM);

Biosciences, Public Health and Medical Sciences

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-3-4
(Proceedings of the ICBPHMS);

Computer Science, Communication Systems and Information Technology

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-2-7
(Proceedings of the ICCSCSIT);

Mathematics, Nature Science for Sustainable Applications

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-4-1
(Proceedings of the ICMNSSA);

Sustainable Education, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-5-8
(Proceedings of the ICSELASS);

Sustainable Environment and Renewable Energy

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-7-2
(Proceedings of the ICSERE);

Sustainable Engineering, Innovation and Fourth Industrial Revolution

ISBN: 978-1-7778946-6-5
(Proceedings of the ICSEI4IR);

Organizing Conferences through Partnerships and Sponsorships

NSRIC welcomes collaboration from academic institutions, organizations, and individuals to organize high-quality conferences worldwide. WANSEE is open to partnering with interested organizations to co-sponsor the conferences. We offer platinum, diamond, gold, and silver sponsorship opportunities for the conference series. The sponsor's details are displayed on the corresponding conference website, and their logo with a website link is archived and a sponsorship mark is kept for a lifetime.

Host your Conference WITH US

Are you seeking a partner to assist you in arranging your conference whether it's online, hybrid, or in-person? The ICNSEA conference platform is equipped with all the necessary high-tech features and tools to integrate world-leading conference management tools, making it easier to host virtual and hybrid conferences. If you are interested in partnering with NSRIC and need more information, please contact us at